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“Flight To The Hinterlands”-Lone Raven “Bridges of Time”-Lone Raven "Once Upon A Winter Moon"-Craig & Kara Markley “The Lone Raven”-Craig Markley “Stark Raven”-Stark Raven “Committed”-Stark Raven "She Don't Worry"Sirens “Sirens”-Sirens "Celtic Melodies"-Great Moods Series, CD and DVD “2000 Oasis World Music Sampler”-Craig Markley “A Winter Lullaby”-Craig & Kara Markley "Get Me Through December"-Craig & Kara Markley "Crosscurrents"-Markley/Schenk Ensemble "Daylight/Moonlight"-Markley/Schenk Ensemble "Dakar"-Craig Markley & Chris Cherry “Bedtime Stories”-Lyn Ford “Before and After”-Michael Douce “An Obair”-Andi Wolfe “The Pilgrim’s Road”-Aisling “Joy Shine”-Grassahol “Death By Banjo”-Death By Banjo “Jazz Standards”-Debbie Walton “Homesick For A Place I’ve Never Been”-Folkwood Players “Old County Line Sessions”-Trish Featherstone & Larry Shicks “Survive”-Shawna Ray “Belle of Belfast”-Bob Ford and The Ragamuffins “The Meeting Of The Waters”-Evening Rose “Solomon”-David Tolley & Tajci Cameron “Warrior Of Love”-Charlie Roush “Right In Time”-Shelly Martin “Coming Down The Line”-Clear Blue Sunday “Treasure Every Day”-Jeff Vasiloff “Fly Away The Night”-Morningstarre
Windham Hill “Cinema” Sampler-Philip Aaberg "Smooth Sailing After All"-The Kells "The Lover's Quarrel”- Mike Dugger "The Initiation"-Charlene Adzima "Don't Burn The Water"-The Kells “The Kells”-The Kells "Play Attention"-Hilda Doyle "Carry Tales"-Ladies of Longford "Christmas"-Ladies of Longford "Unreel"-Ladies of Longford "Secret Places"-Neil Jacobs “12-String Guitar”-Neil Jacobs “The Peasant Sabbatical”-Neil Jacobs "Nature Needs Kids"-Jenny Morgan "Viking Parodies"-Bob Ford "Let Me Rest In Your Arms"-Debbie Walton “First Kiss”-Diane Gee “The Hidden World”-Changeling  “My Heart Says Goodbye”-Beth Hicks  "Back Road to Dublin"-Heartstone  "Wizard's Walk"-Kay Proffitt  “Blue Eyes”-Kim and Arnold Stevens "Long Way Around"-Up River “Christmas Rose”-Evening Rose “Jar Half Full”-Vinegar Hill “Star Of David”-Beckie Boger “Let Me Rest In Your Arms”-Debbie Walton “Sweet Substitute”-Larry B and The Real Deal “Silver Arm”-Silver Arm “Pretty Little Girl”-Amanda Bare “The Wondrous Cross”-Lauren Spavelko “Irish Traditional Music”-Hal Leonard Publishing “Hartman and Agler”-Andrew Hartman and Jessica Agler
Past Projects p a r t i a l   c l i e n t   l i s t
The Peasant Sabbatical by Neil Jacobs With members from Lone Raven
Flight To The Hinterlands by Lone Raven Long-awaited release from Lone Raven
Cinema Windham Hill Sampler Phil Aaberg and various artists
12 String Guitar Flight To The Hinterlands Cinema Projects