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Lonesome Meadow Westerville-based band, Lonesome Meadow, is back in the studio to complete their newest CD. This multi-talented family has been taking the bluegrass scene by storm, and have come up with some great material for this release.  Members are: Anne Marie-fiddle, mandolin, vocal; John-guitar, vocal; Gary-banjo, vocal; and Mark (aka Dad) on upright bass.
Neil Jacobs Neil Jacobs is back in the RavenShack studio working on his new CD, titled “The Peasant’s Sabbatical.”  The recording features an exciting blend of Neil’s original and traditional compositions from around the world.  In addition to 12-string guitar, Neil will also be playing an assortment of stringed instruments, including mandocello, brac, tambura and several prims.  Members of Lone Raven will also be adding violin, bass, accordion, percussion and other instruments.
Lone Raven Lone Raven has begun working on the follow-up CD to “Flight To The Hinterlands.”  The recording will consist of new original and traditional music.  Lone Raven is Craig Markley, Kara Markley, Elizabeth Blickenstaff, Sid Omasta and Neil Jacobs.  More information is available on the band’s website at www.loneraven.com.
David Rice and Clear Blue Sunday David Rice is back in the studio to work on a project with his new band, Clear Blue Sunday.  The band consists of Dave Rice-guitar and vocal, his brother Patrick Rice-fiddle and vocal, Pat Buzzard- guitar, banjo, dobro and vocal and Stephanie Doyle-bass and vocal.  In addition, we brought in studio favorite, Molly Pauken, to lay down drum tracks.  The recording consists of some great original material and killer vocals.
Randy Ross Long time Raven buddy, Randy Ross, was just in the studio to finish mixing some of his new original songs.   Randy played all of the instruments on the tracks, and they sound great.  This will most likely be the start of his new CD.
Steve Harper Steve Harper is in the studio working on a new CD consisting of some great original songs.  Spanning a wide variety of genres, this project is going to be a lot of fun.  Ace guitarist, Randy Ross, is lending his talents to the project.  Steve has a large pool of top-notch musicians lined up to lay down their tracks as needed.
Special thanks to James Sterling, Andi Wolfe, Steve Wolfe, Tanya Markley and Zac Leger for the photos Photo Gallery News