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We also offer a variety of software and Virtual Instrument plug-ins.  These include Yamaha, Steinway, Ravenswood, Fazioli and Bosendorfer grand piano sampler libraries, from both Ivory and True Keys. In addition, there is a full complement of upright & electric piano sample libraries.
Available instruments include: Hammond XK-1 with Ventilator Leslie Simulator Nord Stage piano w/full 88 weighted key action MiniMoog, Hammond and Yamaha keyboards Fender Jazz & Precision fretted and fretless basses Guild, Yairi, Fylde and Lowden acoustic guitars Blueridge and Fylde acoustic tenor guitars Wildwood open back banjo, Zeta violin, etc. Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster electric guitars Wide selection of hand drums & ethnic percussion Whistles, Duduks, and misc. wind instruments Rare PanArt Hang drum Tuned percussion, etc.
Ivory True Keys Fender Stratocaster Guild acoustic
Okay, so we specialize in recording acoustic music, right?  Well, obviously microphones are an important part of that process, and the key to getting the best sound from any vocal or instrument.  Plus we love them! Just about any acoustic instrument you can think of (and some that you can’t) has been through these doors.  As such, we have an extensive selection of high end microphones.  Condensers, ribbons, dynamics.....everythng from the vintage classics to what most likely will be the new classics!
An assortment of large diaphragm condensers from the vintage U47 (used through the years on performers from Sinatra to The Beatles) to the M49, C12, U67, etc. permits us to select the best microphone for a particular voice or instrument. 
Sometimes a condenser microphone is not the answer.  For these instances we have a wide selection of ribbon, dynamic and specialty microphones.  Among them, AEA, a company that has an extensive knowledge of the old RCA microphones, manufactures modern- day equivalents of the classic ribbon microphones. 
Neumann M49 AEA Ribbon Neumann U47
Though the DAW recording platform is an important link in the recording chain, the front-end electronics used to capture the original signal are crucial to the quality of the recorded signal.  This is even more important when working with acoustic based music.  Our theory for recording acoustic music is to keep the signal path as pure as possible, so transparent electronics are typically a must. That being the case, we use only the highest quality mic preamps and compressors, so there is never a weak link in the signal chain.  Tube and solid state mic preamps from DW Fearn, Millennia Media, AEA, A-Designs and others give us a wide pallet from which to choose.  
Our recording studio currently offers up to 96 track, 24-bit/192KHz high definition digital recording via a Pro Tools 11 HDX system, running on an 8-core Mac Pro.  We use AD/DA converters and clocking from Apogee Digital, and powered monitoring by Genelec, Focal and Grace Design.  Avid® Pro Tools HDX® systems are the most powerful, flexible, and in- demand digital audio workstations (DAWs) available. More music and post production professionals around the world use Pro Tools systems for their work than any other solution. Pro Tools|HDX systems deliver the unparalleled sound quality, processing power, and flexibility, which artists, engineers, and producers rely on to create countless award-winning albums and films. To supplement our Pro Tools system, we offer a vast selection of high-end plugins from such companies as McDSP, Metric Halo, Lexicon, UAD and others.  The UAD powered plugin platform has become an industry standard, as it offers the most realistic simulations of vintage hardware that is currently available. 
The Recording Chain Avid Pro Tools UAD UAD Ocean Way DW Fearn Gear