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"It was so much easier for me working in your studio. I think the quality of your equipment, as well as your dedication to getting the best recording from an artist, really made a big and positive difference in the whole recording experience!" -Lyn Ford, GCAC/Storyteller
Lyn Ford
"I have had the privilege of recording at Lone Raven Studio, not only with the making of my own CD’s, but also as a session musician. Craig is a delight to work with, and his recording space is inviting and well equipped. Regarding my own personal projects recorded there, I must say that the finished product, in each instance, was done well beyond my expectation. Craig pays great attention to detail, right down to finding the best microphone to use for each facet of the recording process, both instrumentally and vocally. He’s the only engineer that I have worked with that has ever done this. I appreciate his “ear” and his guidance when I feel I’m not quite certain about what route to take on a certain tune. He is knowledgeable on just about every genre of music, and lends his expertise from not only an engineer’s standpoint, but also (being a veteran performer/musician himself) understands the feel you’re trying to express as a vocalist/musician/performer. I highly recommend Craig and Lone Raven Studio!"     -Hilda Doyle, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with the Ladies of Longford      
Hilda Doyle
"Lone Raven is a perfect place to record! Craig is a fantastic engineer, and has the rare talent of knowing both when to offer ideas and when to stay out of the way. His equipment is state of the art, and he brings the ears of a professional musician with decades of experience to every project he works on!  He knows every project backwards and forwards, and he even makes the coffee.  The rates are affordable, the results are professional. What else can you ask? We had an absolutely wonderful time recording there, and would recommend it to anyone!" -Karl Colon, Changeling/Mad Celts      
"Recently I had the unending pleasure of working at Craig Markley's studio in Delaware, OH as a producer for a wonderful young fiddle player named Charlene Adzima. From start to finish, Craig was a total professional. Not only did he have command of his space, mics and equipment, his abilities on Pro Tools were miraculous. He was precise, patient and extremely knowledgeable about all facets of the recording process. I can assure you that I will be recording my second album with him as soon as I get the material together around the end of 2008." -Mike Dugger, Producer/Glen Road/Connie Dover/Scartaglen    
Mike Dugger
"I was out on the road, and had a Windham Hill Sampler deadline to meet.  I was heading for Chicago, but heard about Lone Raven and Craig, so checked it out. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience!  Craig helped find great musicians for the session, was very accommodating, and did far more than the average Raven. I like to say that the best engineers have a good part of Buddha in them. Craig not only has that, but he has a 6th sense that made the sessions and mixing smoother than I could have hoped.  Great sound, great location, great vibe!" -Philip Aaberg, Grammy Nominee/Sweetgrass Music/Windham Hill Recording Artist  
Philip Aaberg Client Comments
RavenShack Music is an ASCAP affiliated publishing company and music production facility.  Our recording division is Lone Raven Studio, a small project facility nestled in a wooded area in Delaware County, Ohio. The studio provides a relaxed and quiet working environment, and supports a fully equipped Avid Pro Tools 11 HDX digital multitrack system.  We specialize in the recording of all types of acoustic-oriented music, as well as voice- over and narration.  The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art analog front end processing, and a vast microphone selection.  We are affiliated with ASCAP and offer services for publishing as well as arranging and composing for advertising, film, dance, etc. Studio owner and engineer, Craig Markley, has an extensive history encompassing all aspects of the recording, audio and music fields.  Although beginning his recording studies on analog tape, he has a comprehensive knowlege of digital recording and has been working on the Pro Tools DSP-based platform for over 18 years.
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